clinical Music Therapy

Renee Coro, music therapist, provides clinical music therapy  services to both children and adults in various settings including  school districts, outreach centers, adult day centers, nursing homes and  home-based clients. Music therapy services are designed to meet the  client's specific needs through an assessment, treatment plan, ongoing  re-evaluations and documentation. Sessions can be  held both in  individual settings 1:1 or in small groups depending on the needs of  client(s). 

early childhood programs

We offer a  large variety of programs for children of all abilities! Programs are highly interactive and influenced by music therapy  techniques and improvisational exploration! Please check events calendar  for community based open music programs. And contact Renee if you are  interested in a private program for your school, facility and/or  company.

community outreach-education

Renee  provides both consultation for teachers and service providers as well as  participates in co-treatment therapies. She also presents on topics of  music therapy, early childhood literacy, early childhood development,  and other music related topic areas. No audience is neither too big or  small. Her presentation experience includes regional conferences,  colleges, professional development, family outreach centers and music  therapy advocacy.  

What is Music Therapy

Music  Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to  accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a  credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy  program (AMTA)

Music  therapists help people with a wide variety of needs- physical,  communicative, emotional, social- in a wide variety of settings,  including schools, homes, nursing homes, private practice, hospitals,  rehabilitation settings, and many others.

Music  therapists are individuals who have completed a 4-year degree in music  therapy or the equivalent, a 6-9 month AMTA-approved internship, and  have passed the Board Certification Exam in Music Therapy to receive the  credential MT-BC. Continuing education is required to maintain the  MT-BC credential. Many music therapists continue on to receive masters  degrees or advanced trainings in music therapy or in related fields.

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